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Years Of Experience. Thousands Of Families Created.

For over 20 years, WINFertility has been a trusted partner to patients, physicians and large corporate and insurance payers, linking those struggling with infertility to those who can help.

We manage many thousands of infertility treatments and IVF cycles for large healthcare purchasers each year. We now offer patients without fertility insurance the same type of quality care and affordability, thanks to our breakthrough WINFertilityRx BundlesSM WINFertilityRx offers self-pay patients more affordable, packaged savings for the same quality fertility medications you need to make your treatment successful. We provide patients a direct route to the most effective fertility treatment, at a discounted price significantly less than retail medication rates. We can refer patients to financing programs affiliated with WINFertility that make affording treatment even more manageable. Each patient has a designated Nurse Care Manager to advise, explain and monitor progress throughout their treatment process.


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*WINFertilityRx Medication BundlesSM include a vast majority of the fertility medications your physician will prescribe for you. Our Medication BundlesSM include most of the costly name-brand fertility drugs at real discounts, providing you with real savings for your IUI or IVF cycle. Other medications that your physician prescribes can be accommodated through our Specialty Fertility Pharmacy at their Cash Discount Price.