As you may have already learned, different pharmacies have different prices for medications. Because fertility treatment requires a unique combination of specialized medications for each patient, finding the best price for your out-of-pocket costs can be an exhausting task. Pharmacy discount cards and assorted coupons cannot deliver dependable savings or cost comparisons for the entire bundle of fertility drugs that may be required.

WINFertilityRx has surveyed pharmacies across the US to competitively analyze which well-regarded, ethical pharmacies truly have the best prices for the fertility medications your physician requires for your successful IUI and IVF treatment. The competitive prices listed below are from real regional, national and local specialty and free-standing pharmacies. The analysis was completed in August, 2016

WINFertilityRx discount prices are valid every day and do not require specialized forms or criteria for participation. Compare the Example Medication BundlesSM below. Complete the simple request form or give us a call at 855-678-3255 to get your customized Price Quote.

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