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Our Bundles are Better. Introducing the WINFertilityGenetics BundleSM – now with fertility medication. We’ve streamlined the process allowing us to offer you significant savings on your medications and genetics testing. If your fertility specialist has recommended PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) or PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and you also need to purchase fertility medications for your IVF cycle, take an extra $50 Off the total bundled price!

Improve your IVF success rate by
as much as 23% using PGS.

WINFertility is revolutionizing access to genetic testing with our partner RGI — the recognized founder of PGD technology and a leader in genetics world-wide. Now you have access to the best genetic testing which can improve your chances of success with IVF by 23% over IVF without PGS.* he

*Fertility & Sterility, 2015; 103(2):503-512
**Your prescribed genetic tests must include a minimum of 2000 ius of FSH (Follistim) and at least one other medication.

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